Strategic Asset Allocation

Our strategic asset allocation aims to achieve superior long term risk-adjusted returns.

Sun Venture Strategic Asset Allocation

The Sun Venture Strategic Asset Allocation team determines the portfolio risk and return objectives of our investment programme. As a multi-asset firm with a global investment mandate, strategic asset allocation is an important first step in our investment programme. Before we embark on the strategic asset allocation modelling, understanding the return expectations of the Principals, their risk tolerance, as well as their attitude towards market volatility is key. After all, it has been proven that time and again, only when we invest within our risk tolerance will we have the holding power and conviction to achieve superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Our ability and intent to stay anchored to our core asset classes over time is important. We are agile and have the ability to adjust our portfolio in response to changing market dynamics while differentiating between short-term noise and market regime changes. 

We advocate a well-diversified and well-calibrated investment programme. We believe this is the best defence to weather the storms in the future.  

Our Funds

Our strategic asset allocation comprises best-of-breed funds. We welcome you to understand how we evaluate third-party fund managers.