Private Equity

We invest directly in promising companies, and in best-in-class funds.

Sun Venture Private Equity

The Sun Venture Private Equity team aims to be the go-to investment partner of companies and managers in China and Southeast Asia. In our experience, it is our strategic expertise, long-term partnership and patient capital that marks us out as different.

We understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. It is why, as an investment partner, we have built the necessary capabilities to help our portfolio companies realise their full potential. With us, investees benefit from our global reach, local networks and extensive domain expertise. Underpinned by rigorous future trend analysis, our focus is on fast-growing companies with a strong presence in expanding markets, both in established and emerging categories. We invest with conviction, taking significant ownership positions in those companies that demonstrate sustainable competitive advantages and compelling management teams.
In addition to direct investments, we commit to best-in-class investment managers in private markets. Their specialised knowledge ensures we operate on the deepest market insights whilst always being presented with new co-investment opportunities. As a Limited Partner with a long-term mindset, we build lasting relationships with our diverse network of investment managers. Our financial support stretches across their own fundraising cycles as well as their portfolio companies. We believe the stronger the partnership, the more success we will have in sourcing and sharing investment opportunities.

Selected Portfolio Companies