Jobs are created but careers are built. Build your career with us.

Sun Venture Career Philosophy

At Sun Venture, we take pride in attracting and retaining talented people. We invest in your professional development, recognise your diligence and reward your success. Your attitude to redefine relevance is crucial to our collective success.

Our graduate programmes aim to identify young talents to join our firm. We offer a lean setup with open communication channel. Our dynamic environment will expose you to a wide range of asset classes on which you can be trained to understand investment decision-making. In addition, you will have the opportunity to interact with cross-functional units to pick up other crucial business activities for a more holistic development experience.

Our experienced hires scheme strives to attract professionals who can contribute to our firm. We will provide you with a close proximity to lead or learn from our professional teams. As a new and forward-looking investment firm, you will be part of a pioneering team that not only values a high-performing work culture but also scans the horizon for ideas to adapt and stay relevant in the industry.

We Value You

We respect our candidates’ domain expertise and we encourage life-long learning. As a meritocratic firm, we reward your success. 

We Respect Your Expertise

We respect candidates with deep domain expertise. Regardless of the roles that you apply for, we look out for that something special in you that you can contribute in a unique way.

We Develop Your Career

We want you to stand out in your work and become essential. To help you achieve that, we will develop you to your fullest potential. Together, we will grow as one.

We Reward Your Success

We reward team members who scale new success in their domains. Your awareness to discard outdated concepts and learn the latest innovations is critical to your advancement.