Digital Strategy

We are a forward-looking firm that embraces change.

Our Transformation

At Sun Venture, our digital transformation strategy aligns with our culture of a forward-looking firm. We invest in technologies that will enhance our user experience, improve our productivity, and sharpen our decision making.

To this end, we scan the technology horizon to regularly evaluate innovations that are relevant and beneficial to our operations. We achieve this through our strategic imperatives in adopting Cloud, Automation, Data, Analytics and Mobile technologies (CADAM).


We believe that modern systems should be on cloud platforms. Cloud platforms enable faster roll-out with more reliable maintenance, amongst other benefits. As a modern firm, we have moved away from on-premise systems.


We aim to automate our operations, in particular, low complexity and repetitive processes. We embrace API-driven technologies wherever possible to convert manual-tasks to automated-tasks.


We strive to build a proprietary data warehouse with a solid foundation to store meaningful and relevant data for analysis. To achieve this, we have signed up with top-notch data warehouse cloud vendors.


We harness the power of analytics for proprietary analysis. As a tightly integrated system with the data warehouse, we perform advanced analysis to extract insightful information and patterns to make better business decisions.


We recognise the ubiquity of mobile devices and their impact on today’s contemporary work environment. As such, we advocate mobile enablement for our business applications to deliver a more delightful mobile experience.

Our Technology Partners

We partner with technology providers to help us adopt the latest innovations that are of value to us. We are committed to our investments in technology as long as these investments create the best solutions to enhance the way we operate.

Technology Platforms