Ricky AU


Chairman, Sun Venture

Ricky started his career in the late 1980s as an entrepreneur. Over the years, he made various acquisitions and built several successful businesses.

In 2006, Ricky incorporated Legend Investment Holdings in Hong Kong to consolidate his investments. In 2008, he set up Sun Venture to acquire prime commercial properties in Singapore, and since then, he grew the business significantly. In 2016, he formulated multi-asset investment strategies to diversify the firm’s assets by establishing a fund management unit to invest in global equities, funds, and bonds over a long-term horizon. He further expanded Sun Venture’s investment capability in 2020 by setting up a private equity unit to invest in promising and privately-held companies in the region.

Throughout the years, Ricky played a key role in transforming Sun Venture. To date, Ricky regularly offers guidance to colleagues and readily implements changes that matter to the firm. This helps to drive Sun Venture to maintain its relevance in the industry, continue its positive growth trajectory and develop its staff to the fullest.