Public Markets

We invest in quality growth companies and top funds with a long-term horizon for capital appreciation.

Sun Venture Public Markets

The Sun Venture Public Markets team runs strategies across global markets with its proprietary funds. Our core strategies range from regional to global long-only equity. In addition, we include credit and fund-of-funds strategies as part of our overall portfolio.  We believe our edge lies in our skills, investment process, and our patient long-term investment horizon.

We take pride in our ability to analyse data and drivers comprehensively, and to hold onto our convictions during periods of market distress. We are a close-knit team of hard workers who do not shy away from discussing challenging topics. This allows everyone to contribute meaningfully to our investment programme.

We value:

    • Continual self-improvement
    • Constant streamlining of our research processes
    • Relentless drive to capitalise on securities with a sufficient ‘margin of safety’.

Our exceptional returns are driven by our investment team’s disciplined pursuit of excellence. We analyse companies across sectors and geographical locations to identify mis-pricing opportunities. We also seek companies with sustainable business models and growth drivers for our long positions that can compound cash flows effectively.

Path to Conviction

We generate ideas via fundamental screening, thematic profiling and macro views, and we conduct extensive due diligence on shortlisted companies in phases. We do so by evaluating the company’s ability to defend its competitive advantage and expand its fundamentals over the long term. This is an important process which allows our team to discuss attractive companies with a significant ‘margin of safety’ for portfolio inclusion. We review our portfolio frequently, and revisit past ideas to ensure our investment theses remain intact. This helps us build a strong conviction on all portfolio securities.